There is no doubt that things may not have always been easy for Daniela. Many times when she could’ve laid down and just given up, her warrior spirit would never allow for such a thing.  Being a product of a single mother, Daniela understands the meaning of working hard to achieve what you want out of life.  As a returning adult at Siena College finishing up her Psychology degree, Daniela was cast in Ken Davenport’s, The Awesome 80′s Prom. Following  her heart’s true desire to be an actor while promisisng herself to get the education she’s always wanted, Daniela began her acting career right after graduating and never looked back. But God Almighty does she have school loans to prove it! In just four short years, Daniela has fearlessly delved into the various mediums that entertainment has to offer.  From dancing, film, tv, industrials, Off-Broadway, voice over and producing, Daniela is just getting warmed up. There are no expectations of handouts and Daniela only takes what’s rightfully hers through her tenatious presence and commitment.


Daniela displays her comedic chops and natural ability to improvise in  Tony and Tina’s Wedding, The Awesome 80′s Prom and Bollywood Wedding. Currently you can see her in the comedy action web-series, Super Knocked Up, as reporter Darcy Danger on KOLDCAST TV. But life isn’t always funny  and you have to get down to business sometimes. Daniela can be seen in many Industrials pretending to know what she’s talking about for such companies as Cengage Learning, Office of Children and Family Services  and doing her first bilingual commercial for


Some would say that being able to sing, dance, and act makes Daniela a triple threat, but it’s her nationality as a Venezuelan, Italian, Irish that makes this fiery performer  the ULTIMATE triple threat. Always standing out since she was a kid and never fitting into a mold, Daniela’s abilities as an actor are just as diverse as her background. Proving her innate comedic timing, and having a commercial appeal , Daniela showed her dramatic side being cast as the lead in Jamuna Yvette Sirker’s original play, Hell and Highwater, a story of Jamuna’s real experiences as a Hurricane Katrina survivor.


Currently residing in New York City and  remembering her mother’s advice, “Always do everything 100 percent, and never let a boy take nude pictures of you,” Daniela’s ultimate goal is to inspire and  bring out the best in those she comes across in this crazy, exciting, amazing industry.