BOOKED! Expecting Isabel

Daniela is cast in Lisa Loomer’s, New York, Off-Broadway premiere,  Expecting Isabel Under  the direction of Seth Barrish, Daniela will play Lupe and other characters at, The Barrow Group.

Lisa has written a comedy about the adventures of a New York couple trying to have a baby—by any means necessary. Their difficulties in conceiving lead them through the odyssey of the booming baby business as they negotiate the fertility industry, the intricacies of adoption…and their own families.

Seth Barrish, director of Mike Birbiglia’s Thank God for Jokes and Martin Moran’s All the Rage will direct the production.

The talented cast includes Alex Correia (Mrs. Jansen Isn’t Here at The Barrow Group), Michael Cuomo* (Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black”), Kathryn Kates* (“Seinfeld”), Daniela Malavé (The Awesome 80’s Prom), Myles O’Connor* (Merry Christmas Baby! (just f**king die)), Priscilla Shanks* (Bean), Myra Thibault (Short Stuff 7: Torpid at The Barrow Group) and Daphna Thier (Tomorrow Ever After).


The Good Farmer

The American Theater Group reading series will include, A Good Farmer, by Sharyn Rothstein. The story takes place on a farm in Upstate, New York and focuses on two women: Bonnie whos the farm with her husband; and Carla, a recent immigrant from Mexico who works the farm along with members of her family. The Playwright Sharyn Rothstein has artfully managed to reveal the humanity behind some of today’s political issues. Daniela will be reading for the part of Carla.

How to Unmake a Bully

How To Unmake A Bully

How To Unmake A Bully, is a non profit program that turns student films into stories. Daniela will guest star in the webisode, Exploding Horomones- Episode 2/Media and Manipulation as “supermodel” Dayella.


Shakespeare & Co. Month Long Intensive

Under the direction of Tina Packer and Dennis Krausnick, Daniela will participate in the Month Long Intensive at Shakespeare & Co. For six days a week, from 8:00pm until 10:00pm, Daniela will be immersed in all areas of the Company’s technique, including :





  • Text analysis
  • Voice
  • Movement
  • Elizabethan Dance
  • Alexander Technique
  • Stage Fight
  • Exploration of the acctor/audience relationship
  • Sonnet work
  • Scene work
  • In-depth discussions about the function of theater and the role of the actor in today’s world
film columbia leaves

15th Annual Film Columbia- Screen Writing Panel with Scott Cohen

Daniela along with NYC and local actors will participate in  Scott Cohen’s  (Kissing Jessica Stein, The Other Woman, Necessary Roughness, and upcoming NBC’s Allegiance), screen writing panel, for the second time. The actors will read through scenes for the audience and then discuss it. A screenwriter will also be on hand for an in-depth critique.

I love NY logo

I LOVE NY Commercial

Daniela is cast in the I LOVE NY commercial